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Negotiating and closing deals

Negotiating and closing deals

Many small businesses don’t have a sales team managed by a switched on Sales Manager.

So as the business owner you have the deal of the decade pending, and you have to do everything yourself from proposal preparation to final presentation.

Now imagine if you could outsource those activities from proposal to presentation and have a true sales professional by your side to maximise your chances of winning the deal!

We can do this for you!

Negotiating and closing deals is an art.

We often see businesses use price as the only way to win business. Sure, it sometimes works, but in the eyes of your prospect, every reduction in price also reduces the true value of your product / service. With a professional sales person / negotiator working alongside you, the chances of diluting your profit margin are greatly reduced.

All we need is a few days with you to understand your challenge, and we can work with you as a business partner to formalise your offer and work with you to win the business.

We take great pride in the solution selling skills we have. If you know how to "play the game right' no need to discount your products and give away unnecessary margins.




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