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Reasons to Outsource Your Sales Team. Message for start-up owners. Part 1

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Sales is an ART which takes many years to master. It’s more than just a profession,  it is a progression of learning through experience which has to be developed through many key areas  like overcoming a "Fear of rejection”, "breaking the ice” or "building rapport”.

At the end of the day, people buy from people. You have to be likeable and confident to be successful in sales. Some people are plain hard wired to be sales people, but for most, it is a process of learning and first hand experience in the field.

I  see lots of start-up companies  rising up bringing fantastic new products and services, and the never ending challenge  is how to sell those products or services?


Many new business owners believe that their products are so good,  they can sell themselves. Having been successful  in sales over 20 years I’ve never seen a product sell itself. Behind any product should be a professional Sales Executive who will present your product well, will build trust with a prospect, will ask all the right questions and will close a deal.


Cash flow for any start-up business is a challenge, however you need to find an investor or have your savings to hire the right resource. If you try to sell your products yourself without any previous sales experience you will be kidding yourself. You may be lucky with a few deals if you sell your products to the people you know, but you need to know how to prospect for  new clients to make your business sustainable.


After failing to get the desired sales results, your next logical step maybe hiring a commission based sales professional – wrong again… Commission based sales people don’t stay long and they will never be loyal to your business. Once they disappear they will disappear with all their contacts and your existing customers. You will be lucky if they don’t appear in your competitor’s camp and that could be the end of your business…Do you really want to risk your business?


Even if you hire a good looking graduate thinking they will be able to sell for you it’s not a great choice either! If you don’t have solid sales strategies and sales processes in place, your graduate will give up in a couple of months and most likely will join a large company where they will feel much more comfortable with  good branded, well marketed products and  solid sales processes in place.


Well, what else is available for you I hear you ask? Find a local Sales Outsourcing Company and hire them on a contract basis! They will bring priceless sales experience and personnel, industry knowledge and existing connections! The results will start showing up in no time.


Why would you trust one person if you can outsource the whole team for the same money?



Reasons to Outsource Your Sales Team. Message for start-up owners. Part 1



Below are 4 key reasons to outsource your sales team:


  • Lower overhead cost. Outsourced resources do not require you to provide phones, laptops, office space, company cars, and other resources.

  • Deployment of a larger multi-faceted sales team. For a similar cost of hiring one senior sales person, a company can get access to a full team of outsourced sales professionals.

  • Elimination of fixed payroll and benefits costs With an outsourced sales solution, companies pay only for the services rendered and do not have to add individuals to payroll, benefits and travel programs, which reduces cost of sales.

  • Profit from years of established relationships. An outsourced sales team brings a wide variety of contacts and relationships that can be leveraged to deliver faster results than one person bringing only his or her individual contacts.

  • Increased sales coverage an outsourced team approach allows for a company to expand its reach more quickly than it could with one in house individual.


The choice is yours. Happy selling ☺

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