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Welcome Aboard

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Welcome Aboard


We announce with great enthusiasm that OSS Australia has appointed Paul Leonard to the significant role of Director-Client Success. Paul brings to OSS a wealth of global sales experience and will be looking after our enterprise projects.

One of the programs he will be leading is improving the productivity of new sales hires for clients through structured Onboarding. This is an area Paul has had great success in delivering long term benefits for both the employee and the organisation.

At OSS, we focus on providing our clients with programs that deliver revenue growth. Onboarding of new sales hires is area we have identified where significant opportunity exists to improve employee engagement and revenue performance. Having a quality Onboarding program is a key element in creating a high-performance sales team along with:

  1. Hiring the right people – hire people with a can-do attitude.

  2. Creating a Structure & Culture That Allows for Great Work to Be Done – everybody knows their position and what they are responsible for.

  3. Equipping the team with the Knowledge and Skills to Work Effectively – from Onboarding to ongoing professional development.

Please read more about our Onboarding new hires program here: http://outsourcedsalessolutions.com.au/onboarding-new-hires.html

We look forward to delivering great results for our clients from these new programs, and Paul’s appointment to this role represents a great addition to the OSS team with regards to our overall capabilities.

Konstantin Beyner

Managing Director

OSS Australia

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