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Sales – The Engine room of Business

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Sales – The Engine room of Business



Depending on your role, and for whom you work, or indeed if you are the CEO or business owner,
there is no doubt at all that without sales, you have no revenue, and no future. That’s reality!
It seems to me that we are all swept up in the techno – euphoria of the attitude that technology
drives sales for any business. If your business is tech related, there is a good chance that you are in
part relying on tech type marketing with fancy videos and webinars and you are all over social media
spending a fortune on impressions and clicks and so on. As for me I just don’t get it. I do hope you
have BDM’s (sales reps) and all the right processes in place to close deals and deliver on your
promises. Of course you do right?
So let’s assume that your business is more traditional and may have 5 or 6 admin people sitting
behind computers doing stuff. I guarantee you that they will be using Microsoft word, excel, and all
the other basic apps that are a part of Microsoft office. We all do it. So what stuff are they doing and
is their activity generating revenue for your business? Bloody good question that! I know the
answer, as you do. And you have 3 sales people on the road and you may have an overworked sales
manager that cops a beating most Monday mornings.
This brief article is simply to reinforce the importance of professional sales people to your business.
Furthermore, perhaps review sales management effectiveness and rep activities to ensure that all of
the necessary support is provided.
If anyone can give me a link to an ap that can close deals with one click best you make contact with
me. I will never have to work again!
It’s so simple – well trained, well managed sales people are your lifeblood to maintaining and
growing your business revenue. They are the engines that drive your business forward through the

roughest of conditions.





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