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Monthly Sales Targets – ‘the week 3 blues’

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Monthly Sales Targets – ‘the week 3 blues’


If you are a sales rep (now called a BDM for some obscure reason) you would have experienced ‘budget creep’ meaning (in this context) that you get to week 3 of the calendar month and you have only sold 25% of your target. Then what?

I can tell you what you most likely do – review your pipeline to see what deals you can close within the month and if the pipeline is healthy with accurate forecasts you may work your butt off to close those deals to make your numbers. Sound familiar?

Or, you start to get nervous, and if you get to week 4 with no results PANIC can easily cloud your logical thinking and if you as a BDM experience this feeling for 2 or more consecutive months then you will possibly burn out unless you can figure out why the results aren’t reflecting your efforts. Right?


Monthly Sales Targets – ‘the week 3 blues’


If you are a Sales Manager or a business owner or CEO never forget that your BDM’s generate the business to create cash flow to keep your business healthy. Look after your BDM’s and support them to the best of your ability.

Getting back to the topic, sales people are unique in as much that they have the personality and skills to maintain your company’s wellbeing. If you are a Sales Manager or Business Owner, if your BDM’s  are meeting their targets consistently then you are doing all of the right things assuming that your sales targets are accurately forecast in accordance with your business plan. Are sales targets too high / too low?

Sometimes, a fresh and objective diagnosis of a company’s sales process and back end systems can make a difference and perhaps training is required. Keep an open mind and seek external help if you have performance gaps in your business from a sales perspective.

Believe me, I write this with personal experiences as a Rep, a Sales Manager, and a Business owner.





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