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Konstantin was employed to assist in the business transformation from a direct to indirect model for a 12 months period. He was involved in forming and then developing the sales team and took great pride in personally training and developing both staff and channel partners.

He was successfully built a channel, managing to recruit over 50 partners. He assisted in the restructure a to 100% channel partner model and helped CloudRecover become the exclusive Hewlett-Packard hosting partner distributor of online backup solutions in Asia Pacific.

He is very passionate about developing the business structure and staff, always looking for "outside the box' solutions. He also demonstrated innovative ways to expand business connections through social media resourced such as LinkedIn. He actively used the CRM system to report on his team and to provide report back to the Directors.

He implemented sales processes and methodologies and trained the staff to ensure their ongoing adherence to the new systems. I would recommend Konstantin to any potential employer.

Gautam and I would like to send a brief note to give some feedback on the positive influences we have received from Konstantin over the last 6 months. We would like to say a big thank you for all of his support and guidance, he has helped develop and grow the Inside Sales Team. Here are a few points we wanted to add:
Communication with the Sales Team – Konstantin has definitely helped close the gap between the Inside Sales and Sales Team by always being open in taking our suggestions on board.
Leadership – Konstantin has always lead the team by example and has been very proactive in finding solutions and being a problem solver
Always quick to lend a hand whenever we need guidance
Have been a huge support with all of our Inside Sales Projects
Very approachable
Konstantin has certainly been a big part in creating our team culture
Very inspirational with a positive outlook when it comes to achieving goals

To whom it may concern, I am writing to inform of the excellent job Konstantin is doing as team leader. As some of you are aware I have been at Intercad a long time and have been a NSW manager among other roles. Selling SolidWorks and its associated product is a complex task and involves many people and areas of a business. Konstantin's knowledge of how to approach these types of business decisions and ask the often tough questions has assisted the NSW team greatly. From a day to day perspective Konstantin quickly took the CRM reporting to a new level making it easy to know where you are with a prospect without getting bogged down doing overly complex reports. One area I believe has worked exceptionally well is the Hands On Test Drive model. This has been around for a while, but Konstantin has driven the attendance up to new levels, which has resulted in shorter sales cycles for new prospects. Getting an AE for a demo is becoming harder and harder, due to their increased workloads and having a strategy to capture a larger audience in one go is working. Getting new BDM's up to speed selling our products is often a slow road. Konstantin's approach of attending key meetings with his team insures no stone is left unturned and that the right people are engaged in the process from Intercad's side and the clients side.

I am writing this as I strongly believe the no nonsense approach Konstantin has promoted is working and working better than previous models. Time is our enemy in this industry. It is all too easy to get bogged down with conversations and tasks that are not sales productive. We have high targets and I hope his methods are being encouraged across all team leaders.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Konstantin for about 9 months and in that time I have known Konstantin to be a well-grounded and down to earth team leader and colleague. He is a calculated risk taker, pragmatic leader and realist who seems to grasp ideas holistically whilst still taking note to the more acute details. I found this to be incredibly valuable in working with him, as it allows him (and for those who work with him) the ability to explore and understand nearly all possible perspectives to an idea and its numerous applications. He is an hard worker and value creator in the truest sense.

What I learnt and/or appreciate since you started:
Trust and confidence in the team

Konstantin is one of those rare managers who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the whole staff. With a background in sports and extensive experience in sales processes and behaviour Konstantin exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. These qualities most notably translate in his ability to motivate a team to care about its project and be invested in the project’s success. It is easy to work closely with Konstantin on a daily basis as he is quick in understanding a situation, define a strategy together with responsible stakeholders and encourage everyone to think outside the box, though within the process perimeter.

I have been working with Konstantin for the last 8 months. He has implemented a number of processes to increase his teams productivity and efficiency including deep dive sales training sessions, 1-1 coaching and mentoring. He has a strong commercial skillset with particular expertise in developing value proposition/differentiation, negotiating and closing business. As the Sales Leader he has also forged good relationships with the Vendor to maximize on the resources and expertise available to him and his team across all functions from sales, marketing and technical.

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