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Firstly let’s define what Market Research is. In simple terms it is all about identifying potential markets for your product or service in Australia.


So you have launched a new product at home and your business is flourishing and you are ready to make your next step to stand on unknown territory. However, to open a new office and hire new people is a massive risk. You would like to test the water to see if there is a market for your product / service in Australia. It just makes good business sense.

In consultation with you, we will get to understand your product / service and establish where you have been successful in your home country. We can then set about preparing an initial SWOT analysis being identifying your:


Strengths – what sets you apart from your competitors at home? What are your points of difference?

Weaknesses – amongst other things, you have no Australian presence, unsure of the Australian market / culture?

Opportunities – So who are your potential target markets, how big are those markets?

Threats – Who are your competitors in Australia, what’s the risk for you financially?


We can then put forward a marketing plan with suggested strategies, and what resources will be required to meet your business objectives. If the business case stacks up we can help you in many practical and cost effective ways including (but not limited to) the following services:


Business Planning

Business Development

Telemarketing if needed

Recruiting and management of sales people

Negotiating and closing deals

Field sales coaching


We can undertake this marketing research for you, so that you can decide if it's worthwhile for you start a business in Australia or not. As you can see, our capabilities and services extend beyond just market research – we will work with you and grow with you from start up to profitability in Australia.

The Australian market place is somewhat unique – the culture is unique. And WE ARE UNIQUE in this market.

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