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Why is it Important for a Sales Person to have Good Listening Skills?

admin 8-08-2017, 10:02 76 Information

I am sure listening skills is one of the vital skill every sales professional MUST have.

I had a very poor experience today with Kelly country suits store in Alexandria. I’ve been a customer of Kelly country for a few years by now and I had a genuine need for a new suit. Also, I had a defined budget for that. So, I walked in the shop this morning with three shop assistants (believed to be co-owners). I was a decision maker with budget and in a good mood to make a purchase.

I mentioned that I’ve been buying suits from them for a long time and today is the day for a new suit. I was excited as I did a quick research last night on their website and found a few good looking suits.

One of the shop assistants gave me a couple of suits to try on to define my size. As soon as I tried the first one he started praising the suit sitting so well on me so I need to go with that without thinking.

Me: I think it’s a big too big; may I try one size down?

Shop assistant 1: well, for $30 I can make some adjustments, so you should be fine (Upselling without selling???)

Me: I would like the try another style suit to see if it fits me better

Shop assistant 1 gave me another suit and got an a call on his mobile

Me: tried the second suit – it was too small, couldn’t fit

Me: waiting for Shop assistant 1 to come back to me with other options

Shop assistant 1 is still on a call

Me: asking another shop assistant if he could help as I didn’t have too much time to wait

Shop assistant 2 : you have to wait for Shop assistant 1 as he started serving your first. What? No desire to assist your colleague and serve a customer?

Me: waiting for Shop assistant 1 while he is still on a phone

10 minutes later Shop assistant 1 comes back to me asking which suit I am buying today. Straight to the closing question without serving a client and making them feel comfortable with their product…

Me: the first one is too big; the second one is too small

Shop assistant 1 got on a call again…Complete disrespect to the client

Me: frustrated, changing back to my clothes and walking out of the shop passing Shop assistant 1

Shop assistant 1: How did you go? What a dumb question to ask after all?

Me: not good man

Shop assistant 1: have a nice day! No comments.

I hate when I come across unprofessional staff in sales which creates a bad perception of Sales as a profession.

They didn’t just lose a sale, they lost me as a customer who was loyal to them and came today with money to buy a new suit. The moral to the story is even when you know what you want and have money to buy, some sales assistants still struggle to sell you …

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