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Sales manager for rent


·         Increase sales activity to new customers

·         Increase sales through existing channels / customers

·         Increase market share

·         Reduce Costs

The following is not an exhaustive list of our capabilities. It is just the tip of the iceberg to get you thinking.

Is your sales team underperforming?  The answer is for you to consider and review. From our experience, the answer is usually no. And you are most likely focused on other important parts of your business, and just can’t find time to devote to the pointy end of your business right?

So you may be the MD, CEO, or Director of your SME company, and you know you have an immediate problem that until now could only be fixed by spending big dollars to hire a Sales Manager who may or may not perform to your expectations either right?

The solution is right here on this website. 

OSS offer a unique outsourcing solution for your sales activity in order to maximise your market share and grow profit in a most cost effective way.

RENT OUT an experienced sales manager who will put the sales process in place and by using the latest methodologies in the industry we will get the results you are after in a very short time. Once your sales team is fixed/happy/performing and self-sufficient, there is no need to continue paying big $$ to someone if the sales process can run by itself. We guarantee your sale's team results will start shining within a few weeks. The hardest part is to help your sales team to form new great habits. 

Your sales team will be consistently encouraged and coached. We believe happy sales people produce better results!

Your team will be taught the best practices how to use CRM - we aim to minimise time for administrative bog down, and maximise time to sell.

Your team will be trained on how to use communications mediums including Social media such as LinkedIn.

We will undertake role playing to make your team confident when it comes to presenting your solutions in front of your customers. 

We work closely with business owners and key stakeholders and will provide the following:

  • Strategic planning 
  • Hiring and/or firing
  • Sales Process Improvement
  • Sales Team development
  • Sales Team Performance & Metrics
  • Compensation Plan Development
  • Accurate forecasting  
  • Weekly reporting on team’s performance


We will demonstrate and train your team on the following:

  • How to manage time to maximise efficiency (less time to spend on admin and more time to spend on prospecting)
  • How to prospect more effectively through LinkedIn, cold calls etc.
  • How to close deals/book face to face meetings over the phone if applicable to your business
  • How to qualify/close deals on face to face meetings. We will attend face to face meetings with your sales team members to identify weaknesses/qualify an opportunity/close deals.
  • How to get referrals from your customers to build up an ongoing business 

OSS will provide committed and focused sales expertise and guidance tailored for your company. With years of experience, management know-how, verified processes and industry contacts your company will efficiently manage the cost of sales, and increase profit.

If you are interested in our Sales Manager for Rent service, please contact us to discuss your immediate objectives to determine the next step to help your business reach its full potential.

If you are a start-up company, we can assist you to take your product to market. We have the experience within our team to develop your marketing plan and put in place product launch pre planning and subsequent strategies to ensure profitability.




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