Depending on the size and nature of your business, the process for “on – boarding” a new sales person can vary wildly with regards to how you induct them and train them.

Corporate and Enterprise business’s may (and usually do) have a defined and well documented process that may include a ‘feel good welcome’ kind of approach and an induction session covering OH&S through to where the toilets are and overall establishing the all important ‘line of communication’.

Depending on your company’s expectations of the sales person, what follows is likely to be product training, understanding pricing structures, room for negotiation maybe, and most importantly CRM training as this is CRITICAL for your business.

From that point, it may go completely sideways. OK you have employed this person at a cost (most likely – recruitment agency fees etc) You have provided the so called “tools of trade” which may include a car, a mobile, an I Pad or laptop, maybe an expense account.

Then what?

I have experienced personally the scenario whereby I go out with someone to “learn the ropes”. (google that –  it is what happened to young aspiring seafarers’ in the days of sailing ships – there could be 3 miles of rope on a sailing vessel) And the person that your new recruit is teamed with is an experienced sales person and most likely ‘hates’ having a tag along as it cramps their style and it’s not one of that persons KPI’S to train newbie’s. I felt lost at sea. Don’t let this happen in your business!

And the Sales Manager simply doesn’t have the time perhaps?

And you have made it clear to your new recruit that he or she is on a 3 month trial right? They don’t deliver the set targets so they may be off the payroll and you start all over again – or do you?

There are solutions to this in my view, and it’s all about thinking outside the box and consider how you can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your current processes or lack thereof.

For me, I am lucky that “I learnt the ropes” and enjoy sharing my experiences with others.