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If you would like to find out more about OSS and how we could help your business grow, the services we offer or just to ask for advice, all of the contact details are below. We are a small company that still believes that it is people who make a business and it costs nothing to be polite, honest and offer help whenever we can.

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Suite 701, 53 Walker street, North Sydney, NSW ,2060, Australia

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What our clients say about our services

I met Kon at a Networking Event and I was instantly drawn to his offerings for Small Business Owners. I was having difficulties understanding how to speak to potential clients without sounding “Salesy” as I wanted to hold natural conversations rather than making every conversation a push to “Sell my Services”. Kon spent with me 1:1 to workshop what I was currently doing and gave me the tools and framework on how I can Prospect and Qualify a potential client and take them to the point of Conversion. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kon if you’re a Business Owner who doesn’t like or feel comfortable having “Sales Conversations”. Out of this one session I had with Kon I was able to secure a large job with a new Client. My ROI on workshop alone was 8!

Konstantin is without doubt, one the most switched on people I have had the privilege to work with. He understands business, sales imperatives, and is technologically advanced with regards to using apps to streamline business operations. With entrepreneurial flair, and a commanding presence in any situation, I would recommend Kon to any business looking for results.

I highly recommend Konstantin for business owners and professionals who are serious about growing their business and seeking a black-belt in salescraft. We were looking for new ways to generate leads and offer more value to our customers. As a software provider it was important that Konstantin has strong qualifications selling technology at a CEO/CXO level. He equipped us with the tools to tackle more complex and competitive opportunities and transformed our go-to-market strategy. Konstantin excels in creating powerful LinkedIn customer focused profiles which are essential in building a strong lead generation pipeline. In implementing Konstantin’s recommendations we saw results early on with a sharp increase in inbound sales enquiries.

Before completing the sales training course, my sales strategy was limited and did not have the right processes and systems in place. Kon helped me radically improve my sales processes and helped me to understand the right questions to ask, how to qualify a customer, how to write a proposal, improve my LinkedIn Profile and my pricing strategy! All in 4 days! I gained a lot of clarity through the training and generating much warmer leads thanks to the training he provided. If you want to improve your sales process, I highly recommend contacting Kon. He will improve every part of your sales process, and you will gain a huge amount of valuable insight.

I was very satisfied with my engagement with Kon and his services throughout my time in the program. We worked on creating some crucial components to getting everything up and running. We worked on: Go to market strategies Setting up business/ sales processes Identifying specific targeted markets and buying personas Creating customers engagements plans Closing deals on value not on price We were lucky enough to even work on a live prospective client during the duration of the course. I would highly recommend Kon’s services to anyone that needs sales process improvement or starting off and needs to set everything up from the start.

Konstantin is one of those rare managers who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the whole staff. With a background in sports and extensive experience in sales processes and behaviour Kon exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. These qualities most notably translate in his ability to motivate a team to care about its project and be invested in the project’s success. It is easy to work closely with Kon on a daily basis as he is quick in understanding a situation, define a strategy together with responsible stakeholders and encourage everyone to think outside the box, though within the process perimeter.

Filip Kuttner, Sales Director

I had a privilege to work with Konstantin. He has implemented a number of processes to increase our team’s productivity and efficiency including deep dive sales training sessions, 1-1 coaching and mentoring. He has a strong commercial skillset with expertise in developing value proposition/differentiation, negotiating and closing business. I would recommend Konstantin to any business owner looking for a breakthrough in their business.

Konstantin Beyner is a savvy, dedicated and determined Sales Mentor & Manager with a heart for getting the best outcomes possible for his clients. He stays focused and I love his work. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked for Paul.
I had the pleasure of working with and for Paul for three years at Pitney Bowes.
Paul’s ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before, and he led a team which implemented the biggest change in PB’s 100 year history.
Paul’s ability to listen and break up the most complex of issues into simple practical and implementable steps is unique.
He would be an asset to any organisation that wants to change the way they do business.

Paul was a pleasure to work for. He has a wide ranging ability to understand strategic issues, agree and communicate solutions. He has a personality that welcomes open communication across all hierarchies of an organisation. Although customer focused, Paul is always mindful of the share holder requirements.
A high achieving, goal orientated, focused team leader, with an unusual talent for quickly identifying the issues at hand, and the problem solving techniques required to resolve those issues in very competitive environments.

I hired Paul into Pitney Bowes and was immediately impressed by his ability to build collaboration amongst his team and instill a deep sense of accountability right down into the organisation.

Paul has a warm sense of humor that comes across in the way he deals with people and challenges. He quickly gets to the root cause of problems and importantly drives a culture within his team that complements the organisation and drives execution.

Paul has a broad scope of knowledge and experience and leverages that extremely well when entering new Organisations or creating new strategies for entering markets.

Paul has the customer front of mind always and works hard to drive their satisfaction along with those of the people in his team.

I really enjoyed working with Paul and would love to do so again.

Without any doubt, Paul is the most competent and inspiring senior sales leader I have had the pleasure to ever work with. I say this having worked closely with him and experiencing how his leadership turned a flat-lining business around to increasing revenues by 20% within two years. Paul has the tenacity, courage and stamina required to reengineer a business’ operating values and bring the client “to the front of the bus”.

He does this by not compromising his core values based on integrity, building talent and having a client-focus, whilst leveraging his strong self-awareness and agility to mobilise large teams against a common agenda (across functions) and sustain momentum over time.

Paul balances the needs of short term delivery without dropping the ball or losing focus against the longer-term plan. He leaves an enduring legacy, embedding refreshed ways of working by aligning motivations of people and the companies who engage him.

Paul is the ideal example of an ethical senior leader who can shift a business whilst positively engaging people. I have experienced him achieve this across geographies, functions and industries.

I had the fortitude of working under Paul’s leadership over a 5 year period at Thomson Reuters and cannot speak highly enough of Paul’s ability to inspire and lead individuals. His integrity and honesty earned the respect and admiration of all that worked with him. Paul’s capacity to translate a vision into reality with the total support of all that worked with him shows the sign of a true leader. Paul drives for results and his resilience under adversity ensures he doesn’t lose sight of the end goal. His genuine concern for others and his ability to inspire, will always be valued by those that work with Paul.