​Social Media is a great platform for any business to reach their potential customers . It is a very important tool to communicate with customers and potential customers, it provides an extreme function to get visibility on the web and reach businessmen sales goal.
Social Media is a powerful marketing tool but when used in a wrong way, it can have a negative impact to your business. In this article we will discuss the common problem of business owners with social media management.
1. Handling Negative Comments

Although Social Media is a great platform for your customer to voice out their thoughts and support about your business, it can also be a platform for them to voice out their reactions and negative comments specially about bad customer service and unsatisfied transactions. It can be a great medium for these customers to vent out a bad experience and worst is spreading to other online community a horrible negative feedback.

That is why you should a plan of how to respond this unlikely comments, Ignoring these feedback might be the solution you may think but that’s never a best solution. The solution is how you will respond to those negative comment — You can ask for apology for these customer and offer something like something for Free.
2. Visibility will take Time and Effort
​Getting people to talk about your business online is not something that will happen overnight. First you need to know your time availability and how much time you will put for your social media campaign, do you have an extra time to your various social media account and other stuff related to your business? 
It would take a lot of effort as well, because there’s an issue of managing the content and information that you are going to share to the world. What sort of pictures, videos and articles ​you will feed to your fans and followers and what will you do to make it interesting and viral.
Unfortunately all of these process will take time, you may want to look for social media management packages that will suit your social media marketing goal if you think you cannot manage it by yourself.
3. Is it really for FREE?
Social Media is Free, at most basic level it’s free, indeed it is.
But in order for you to successfully market on social media it will take time and time will cost you money. For example, you are the business owner and you decided to manage your social media account be yourself but, consider the time that you will put to manage them versus the time you need to spend to your actual business like walk in customers and deliveries and inquires.
On the other hand, if you are planning to hire someone to manage the presence or even better hiring a marketing and sales agency obviously that will also cost money. 
​Good Social Media Presence aren’t free or effortless but it will be worth it, It’s up to you how you will figure it out.
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