I enjoy hearing about all the great success stories of our time, as does any other person — you know, massive initial public offerings, the “overnight” successes and the billion-dollar unicorns.

However, if I’m really looking to get inspired, then I’m more interested in what it actually took to get there.

This is what we call the HUSTLE.

And if you’re on your hustle, then you probably realize there’s only so many hours in the day to get stuff done. Fortunately, we now have the power more than ever to consume motivational content on the go.

Enter podcasts — easily consumable, downloadable audio at my fingertips anytime I want via my smartphone. And they range in almost anything from sports and science to murder mysteries like Serial.

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But for me, a lifetime entrepreneur, I tend to consume a lot more business and lifestyle motivation. Why? Not only does it balance me out, but there’s something to be said about hearing entrepreneurs and go-getters talk about their journeys.

“Journeys” being the key word. The entrepreneur should be admired at all stages of their growth, because it truly takes something to achieve success as a whole.

Right now, if you go into iTunes, or other platforms that host podcasts, you will find no shortage of motivational and entrepreneurial content.

However, I decided to take a month or two to really go through hundreds of shows to find a few distinct podcasts that truly deliver their content and style in a unique way. Especially since there are so many to choose from.

Now, when I say style and delivery, I’m talking kick butt, real honesty, raw authenticity and excitement. To that, I sat down, got to work, started listening — and the results are finally in. Here are the seven podcasts that inspire grit, grind and hustle, and if you haven’t already, download and subscribe to them immediately.


Hosted by Andrew WarnerMixergy is all about helping listeners learn from proven entrepreneurs. Andrew has hosted over 1,000 guests on his show (you read that correctly), digging into the successes and failures of highly accomplished business founders and thought leaders. Obviously, there’s no quicker way to learn than from the most successful individuals in their field — and Andrew has talked to damn near all of them.

Why you should listen: Andrew asks questions that everyone wants to know but few are willing to ask. In fact, it’s this unique delivery style that has helped him get the kind of responses from entrepreneurs that might not have otherwise told their stories to. Not to mention, Andrew also knows what his listeners want — and he gives it to them.

Notable features: Dropbox founder Drew Houston, Quick Sprout founder Neil Patel, Zappos founder Tony Hsieh, Gary Vaynerchuk (VaynerMedia), Alexis Ohanian (Reddit co-founder)

Show’s Theme: Street smarts from entrepreneurs and thought leaders


If you’re looking for pure hustle, drive, determination and grit, these guysjust plain exemplify it. Co-hosted by the founders of rising star brandsprsuit.com (Case Kenny) and hdfmagazine.com (Matt Gottesman), this powerhouse duo is so serious about documenting the hustle, that they’re only caveat to being on the show is that the guest (entrepreneurs, creators and doers) is not allowed to solely talk about success, and they must go deep into their story.

Not to mention they do all this with a unique style, a bit of swag (their opening song is by Wiz Khalifa), and an authentic and relaxed conversation style that gets guests talking in a way that other podcasts simply do not.

Why you should listen: Case and Matt are truly different than most. They’re not only building their own notable brands dedicated to the journey, but they bring such a mix of talent ranging from entrepreneurship and sports to fashion, health, wellness, Hollywood, tech and more. A very authentic and powerful podcast for sure.

Notable features: Two-time Emmy award winner Christina Cindrich, Elite Daily co-Founder Gerard Adams, Infusionsoft CEO Clate Mask, former NFL linebacker Matt Mayberry, DanceOn Network founder Amanda Taylor, bestselling authors and more.

Show’s Theme: Motivate and inspire by documenting the hustle


Authenticity has a face, and it’s Pat Flynn. Not just because he’s so open, but because he truly cares about his audience. While his show, Smart Passive Income, is dedicated to creating multiple passive income streams online, he also dives into online business as a whole. Flynn discusses awesome blogging strategies, thinking through income sources and leveraging ultimate marketing tips and tricks to maximize your efforts to name a few.

And because Flynn doesn’t want his audience to feel short of any information for running their businesses in a digitally connected world, he also includes advice on automation, search engine optimization, social media and of course, podcasting. This podcast is a must for anyone trying to leverage the Internet for their business, aka hustle.