Sales training is usually an ‘event’ and run over a day or more to help an organisations sales team hit their targets. This is a huge topic as usually a sales training course is customized to the specific industry, and further tailored to the individual client.  Sales people hate going to ‘sales training’ courses as they are ‘off the road’ and think they know everything there is to know about selling techniques and generally think it’s a waste of their time. Of course, I am generalising, and others welcome sales training as it helps them make their targets and make money for themselves and their employer.

Sales training is normally an interactive high energy classroom style of training, with clearly defined objectives as well as clearly defined measurement of outcomes utilising proven analytics and methods.

On the other hand – after the sales training what happens next? It seems to me that follow up is not common from the trainer or the company to measure or evaluate if ‘new habits’ or other methodologies are working to the benefit of the employer or the sales person.

The next logical step is Field Sales Management one on one to identify training effectiveness in order to maximise sales and revenue growth potential.

I need some help here, as I am trying to connect sales training with field sales management, and irrespective of your industry it would be great if you could share your thoughts with me regarding where you see the ‘gaps’ in your own sales process.

It seems logical to me, that sales training would be followed up by a field sales management process.

Thanks for your help!