If your team is underperforming it’s usually because of lack of ability, lack of training /coaching or  a reflection on your management style or company’s culture in general. I’ve seen lots of very good sales people not performing at their best abilities because they were not planted in the right environment.


You should  never apply a “One size fits all” management style. All sales people are different, some perform better individually, others perform better in a  team. It’s an art to find the right way to manage your team and I am about to highlight a few methods to change the culture of your team in no time.


Do a quick self-assessment to identify your management style:


When was the last time you had one on one with your team member? What is your format of “one on one” meetings? What do you do to build up your team? How often do you go out to observe your  team’s activity? Do you lead by example or you are hiding behind reports, emails or CRM? Do you protect your team from other destruction coming from other departments? Are you a trusted leader or a tough manager?


6 key recommendations to get your team to achieve  sky rocketing performance:

  1. Get to know your team members’ personalities. Sometimes they get destructed if they have issues in their personal lives. Build them up and help them become resilient

  2. Identify your team’s weaknesses and strengths so you know what they require to be supported with and make sure you deliver your support!

  3. Make yourself available when they need to talk to you, but keep your boundaries high. Break the management wall between yourself and your team and build a leadership platform instead!

  4. Is your team overloaded with admin? Minimise your sales processes to allow your team to spend more time with clients rather than CRM or spreadsheets

  5. Hire a sale coach when  required to bring them up to speed especially in the field

  6. Introduce new incentives to reward your team members regularly, lollies or movie tickets can make significant difference! Doesn’t hurt to try!

If you manage to create an environment whereby  your sales team wants to come to work  – that is a win! Happy sales people ALWAYS perform better!


Happy selling! ☺