In parts 1 and 2 of my post on this topic, I gave a brief overview of what ‘Consultative Selling’ is all about. It is a sales process that works for some but not all. It has worked for me and continues to work every day.

This is the final brief chapter in this series and I have dug deep to provide a ‘real’ example of how to use the process to get results.

These are REAL life experiences in my personal sales career to demonstrate how effective this approach can be. Company and business names are omitted, as well as financial results for obvious privacy reasons.  

Example 1

A well known theme park had a big problem with the introduction of smart card technology. It was a trial conducted by a well known soft drink brand. The purpose was to improve efficiency of access to the facility for visitors. PROBLEM: The solution reduced queues on the way in but visitors queued for lengthy periods on the way out to redeem unused credits. This was largely due to lack of proliferation of smart card terminals outside of the closed facility to enable unused credit to be redeemed offsite. So refer to my list in parts 1 and 2 – this scenario is a category 5 problem. This resulted in frustration for staff, management and customers.

SOLUTION: Revert back to code 39 barcode technology and issue cards with a preloaded value determined by the customer. Install bar code readers at all retail facilities, personal effects lockers (with modified locking mechanisms) , bars etc. So upon existing the facility, customers would scan their card and unused credit would immediately be converted to prepaid telephony that could be used in 13 countries by use of an authorisation code printed on each card. And they kept the card as a souvenir of their visit. The solution addressed the problem.

Relevance: The process of consultative selling, which is simply a matter of matching your prospects pain points to your offer as a solution – ask the right questions at the right time and above all be a good listener.

I intended to provide more examples but I have clients expecting sales results, so I have to take care of business.

Happy selling!


Rick Kemp

Senior BDM

OSS Australia