There are many ways how to generate leads, but where most business’s fail is they simply don’t have either a process of how to follow up leads or they don’t have dedicated resources to do it.

If you expect one of your admin people to take an extra task to follow up leads it’s like asking a doctor to play piano at the concert when they’ve never done it before. We live in a world when we have high expectations from each other and one of those expectations is professionalism from everyone regardless what you do. Nobody wants a bad service…The same thing other people expect from us. So, after you finally worked out your way how to generate leads and you are getting good at it why would you risk your company’s image to delegate the leads follow up to someone who is not as passionate as you are about your business and to make follow up calls is not their strong skill? The first impression counts and you can’t do it twice, can you? So, if the first call comes from the wrong person what are the chances your prospect will have further interest in your company’s solutions?

You may have the right person to follow up leads; however you don’t have a strong process to do it, then what? Your good person is trying to do their best, but they are getting overwhelmed with amount of follow ups using different data spreadsheets etc. How many people involved in a follow up process in your company? Do they fully understand the process and desired outcome on each stage?

Well, if your company is under resourced to follow up leads, or perhaps you don’t have a strong process to get the most out of it you can either hire a part timer to do it, but you still have to manage the person yourself as well as the whole process or consider outsourcing the whole process to a company which is specializing in campaign follow up, so you can focus on your core business and you should get additional revenue coming consistently from the outsourcing trusted partner.

The choice is yours!

Happy leads generating and leads closing!