We can make your business dream a reality!

There is no better place than Australia to do business. A resilient and growing economy, stable political environment, excellent infrastructure with prominent future development plans, as well as the best access to the fast growing region in the world – Asia Pacific. Below we highlight five key reasons for investing in Australia, including Growth, Innovation, Talent, Location and Business.

5 key reasons to invest in Australia:

  • Over two decades of uninterrupted economic growth
  • An innovative economy
  • Talented workforce
  • Connected to Asia
  • Ease of doing business

How to minimise risk & achieve your best results?

With all of the advantages to do business in Australia, it is important to know that to make your business successful you need to understand the local culture and local business rules and regulations.

Why would you risk starting your business from scratch if you could partner with a local company which possesses all the necessary business skills across multiple industries, knowledge and valuable connections?

We are a professional team of Business developers with over 20 years of local experience. We understand the local business environment and can become a bridge between Your business & Australian businesses.

Your success is our success!


Why would you consider outsourcing?

Outsourcing is growing significantly and we see more and more companies trying to reduce overheads and office space outsourcing some of their business activities to third party companies. If you are considering extending your business to Australia, why not partner with local experts to make your business transformation smooth? We can use our office space and our existing team members to promote your business which will minimise your costs regarding office space lease/hiring local staff etc.

Who are we?

Outsourced Sales Solutions (OSS Australia) is a privately owned Australian based company with National presence, offering a unique range of sales & business development services, tailored to your requirements. Building intelligent sales outsourcing solutions has been our only focus since we entered the Sales Outsourcing industry. Since 1998, we’ve been focusing on companies that need immediate revenue generation. Over the past 18 years we have generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. OSS was developed by a group of seasoned sales executives who have a strong commitment and understanding within various business sectors. Each client is individually addressed with solutions that fit their business requirements. With many years of sales and marketing experience, OSS is uniquely positioned to deliver expert strategies through proven processes and methodologies.  

Our key services:

  1. Comprehensive Marketing research
  2. Employing and managing your local staff
  3. Representing your company in both private & Government sectors
  4. Assisting start-ups
  5. Assisting with access to Government subsidies and grants


Who Should Use Us?

Established Organisations that consider extending their businesses to Australia!
Start-ups, with solid Investors behind them, possessing unique know-how technologies and wishing to explore business opportunities in Australia.


What’s in it for you?



  • Lower overhead cost – OSS does not require you to provide resources such as phones, laptops, cars or office space
  • Large multi-faceted sales team – OSS provides you access to a full team of our outsourced sales services Nationally
  • Elimination of fixed payroll and benefits costs – With OSS, you only pay for the services rendered and do not have to add individuals to payroll, benefits and travel programs
  • Profit from years of established relationships – The OSS team brings a wide variety of contacts and relationships that can be leveraged to deliver faster results A totally managed Sales Solution and a dedicated project manager – single point of contact for you